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Title: Microcontroller-based supervise and control environmental parameters in a smart - house
Authors: Dat-Thanh Quach
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Nowadays with the advancement of science and technology, electronic devices grow more and more as types and features. Besides that the need to use the device automatically increasing, people increasingly want more entertainment devices as well as devices increasingly high tech. In Vietnam Maybe not flourished in this field but in the world today. especially European or American, automatic model house are remote control has developed very strong. From the fact that demand, I wanted to take a part of modern techniques in the world application of actual conditions in the country to be able create a system of remote control devices via SMS meet the higher and higher needs of people. Thread "Microcontroller-based supervise and control environmental parameters in a smart -house" get the basis of SMS to control devices. Using SMS to control devices has the advantage is cost savings, competitive and high mobility .In addition, the products of this topic openness can be applied to many different objects in civil as well as in industry. Under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Quang-Vinh Tran, with an effort of myself. I have completed graduation thesis on time to allow and products designed to control devices in the family by SMS. However, due to time and knowledge limited so I can not avoid the shortcomings, we hope to receive more feedback comments of teachers and friends so I can complete more and develop this topic.
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