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Authors: Đoàn Ngọc Hoan
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: To successfully implement mobile antennas for new generation, the choice of technology plays a very important role. Mobile communication requires small, low-cost, low profile antennas. Microstrip antenna technology allows the antenna design small size, compact, lightweight, easy to manufacture and integration surface is gradually prevailed, especially for antennas in mobile communications. Besides, if using the special structure of the metamaterial also brings several advantages. In order to fit in a small and thin housing, the microstrip structure has been chosen for my project. In this project, a microstrip antenna for 4G/LTE mobile phones operating at popular 4G/LTE band (1800MHz and 2600MHz) has been designed, simulated and fabricated. The antenna has been placed on a Rogers/Duroid RO4350B substrate, which has the permittivity of r = 3.66, the thickness h = 1.6mm and the 3D size is 18mm  50mm  1.6mm. The measurement has been taken to validate the simulation results.
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