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Authors: Xuan-Hoan Doan
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Thesis is aim to design and build of a system for monitoring and controlling equipment remotely via the Internet by using smartphone. The system is composed of two parts: Hardware is designed to collect status parameters and control actuators in server room; Software is built on Android smartphone helps user supervision remotely. On the hardware part, temperature and humidity measurement and control actuators modules as well as functional button and displayed LCD are integrated with an Arduino Uno board using AVR processor and Arduino Ethernet Shield for Internet connection. On the other part, a monitoring and controlling software is designed on the Android platform helps user observe and drive system remotely on smartphone. The system collects temperature and humidity parameters, alarms by buzzer whenever threshold criterions are violated, and transmits these values to smartphone via the Internet. An Android application receives and displays the values on the screen as well as warning if they are bigger than thresholds. Several buttons have been designed in the application to receive the user’s orders then send them back to system via the Internet in order to control electronic devices such as lights, air-conditioners, fans... in the server room. An account is created for user by supplier, only that user can access the system for monitoring and controlling. Furthermore, the application also supports display live-view images from Camera IPs if they are available in the system. Overall, the system has been successfully built and validated using Wi-Fi and 3G network. Besides working fast in Wi-Fi, results is also quite impressive with the average time delay in transmitting packets is less than 2s.
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