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Title: Profile management for people in motorcycle traffic
Authors: Do Van, Lam
Keywords: motorcycle
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2016
Abstract: Nowadays, traffic accidents are a big problem. Thousands of people die every year in traffic accidents, causing damage to people and assets. One of the causes of traffic accidents it is using the phone while participating in traffic. Drivers tend to turn on the phone when an incoming call or notification of message, email, etc. So, it will make them lose focus while driving, as it would endanger for this person and others are participating traffic and accidents can happen any time. Another cause leads to traffic accident this is driving with high speed. In this situation, the driver cannot handle when unexpected situations occur, it will lead to traffic accidents. So, we can see that the dangers of using phone while participating in traffic. In order to solve this problem, my thesis “Profile Management for people in motorcycle traffic” will develop an application “Motor Safe” which installed on smartphone android can help people more focus on while driving, notification to drivers when they drive with high speed and automatic sending a message to their relatives when accident occur. By using this application, the number of traffic accidents will decrease significantly.
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